Poetry and Me

I flirted with Poetry for many years,
with spurts of writing occurring
over the decades.
Poetry became a lover a few years ago.
We had many passionate encounters.
Two years ago,
I asked Poetry to marry me.
She agreed.
I do my best to be an attentive spouse.
I meet her daily to let her move
through me,
around me,
with me.
I can’t imagine my life without her.

Do you also want a life with Poetry? As a flirtation? As a lover? As a spouse?
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Spoken Word

"Poetry is not a fancy way of giving you information; it's an incantation. It is actually a magic spell. It changes things; it changes you."

Philip Pullman


Bodies Under Siege

15 September 2023

Woman making love to the ocean and the trees, the river and the breeze. Woman making love to the sky and the earth To all that is birthed Woman making love to the universe Woman moaning, shouting into the ether, to hear the hills and valleys echo back in whispers to her. Woman feeling blood…

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6 August 2023

Small, swift incisions into dark skin. Black Muti rubbed in. White chicken sacrificed . To set the energy right. Red chicken blood spraying. Kneeling to ancestors, praying. Eggs buried in the Earth. To remove any curse. I am witness to this healing. While a small part of me is reeling.

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26 July 2023

Excuse me, is this your Anxiety? It seems to have followed me home. I made the mistake of feeding it, now it won’t leave me alone. I really have nothing to worry about right now. So I’m not sure why it’s here. Sure, I can find things: freelance work is too quiet, I’m afraid of…

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My Sad Sad Movie

6 July 2023

I followed a few seemingly innocent thought-trails, And I find myself in Despair. Outside: bright sun, early morning quiet. Inside: dark, heavy heart, powerless silence. I didn’t realise how much hope I was holding. So much hope. Before I reorient, focus on something new. I’ll rest in the Disappointment. Nothing wrong with a quick wallow.…

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Field of Love

19 June 2023

Oops, excuse me, I seem to have tripped over you and now, oh, pardon me, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m falling in love. It’s ridiculous. I know we just met. It’s you, but also not you. You see, Love has been waiting, patiently, always here, just waiting for me to fall into Her.…

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Constellation of Women

5 June 2023

Woman. Feel your Fear. Feel it deeply. But do not let it consume you. Do not let it make you kneel. Gather your sisters for support. Let Love find you. But do not fall asleep in the cocoon of Love. Call upon Hecates, your Witch. Get up! Woman! Get up! Take out the heaviness from…

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24 August 2022

They ask: How long is heartbreak? Like it can be measured in inches, or kilometres or lightyears. They ask: How long is heartbreak? Like it can be measured by sunrises and sunsets, by moon cycles, by earth orbits. They ask: How long is heartbreak? Like it can be measured by the weight of tears, the…

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Love Unbound

18 August 2022

Love that was once fixated on an object has become untethered. The anchor weighing you down, keeping you static, is removed. Love flows as freely as your tears, as deep as your longings. Allow this torrent of love to unleash into the world. Your precious, wild, unmanageable heart. No longer limited. Let if flow deep,…

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Finding God

11 August 2022

Finding God I found God last night. She was resting in the indent just above your clavicle. He was dancing along the slow curve of the ridge of your ear. She was hiding in the curls of your hair. He was leaning in the lean, strong curves of your upper arm. She was in the…

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The Initation

'30 Days of Poetry' Writing Groups

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Join our sacred poetry and writing container for 30 days where a WhatsApp group of three to five people (including myself) share their work with each other. It is unguided and unstructured.

The group is to inspire each other and hold each other accountable to write one piece of writing per day.

Use this opportunity to meet your craft. I invite you to use it as a spiritual practice.

Your daily offering can be written, spoken word and improv spoken word. You can include pics, recordings, videos.

The Initiation is currently $USD33 or $23/R300 for the global south.

Starting on the first of the month

The 30 days of poetry was an invitation to be accountably productive poetically speaking.

Knowing a poem was going to emerge from the day, my senses were more attuned to moments which otherwise may have gone unnoticed. Actually writing the poem each day was a glorious process of distillation of those moments.

Reading the other participants's poems was a privilege and joy.


Participating in the 30 days of poetry gave my poems a compass as well as a container to breathe in. It was a gift to open my writing senses with intention & to know that they had an open hearted space to land in everyday. It wasn't about perfecting each piece but more around the practise of standing in my expression without it having to make sense. Even if it was just a single line that made it onto the page in a day. That was enough. After the 30days it became part of my natural flow in a day. I missed it once it came to a close & am grateful to say I am meeting the page more frequently since. Thank you for the ignition Tara, wishing you & those who gather for these in the future continued inspiration & illumination.


Having partaken in Tara's poem-a-day extravaganza,  I've made some remarkable discoveries about how creativity manifests.  And how the Kaj bit of the Universe expresses the Universe. 

Although I approached each day's poem like a grumpy schoolboy begrudging homework, I always came out the other side uplifted and reminded of my interconnectedness to everything.   

It was a game-changer for me. 

To just show up was reward enough. But what came through me was surprisingly bountiful and life-affirming.


I want to share a little of what an unexpectedly profound and moving experience, being in this sacred container with you, has been.

The process was challenging and difficult at times, but I have found that even when I wasn't flowing and had to force myself to keep the commitment, the result had a deep gift or insight for me.  I have found the capacity to express some deep soul and self truths that I have not been able to express through numerous other avenues and modalities including psychotherapy, Jungian analysis, plant medicines and shamanic constellation therapy. 

I also found magic in reading all of the poems and sensing a field we constellated for a time that was very connected.  On quite a few occasions I had a theme or expression brewing in me, and then one of the group would post their poem covering that very theme in a new and different way. So I really want to express my eternal gratitude to you Tara for sharing this practice and facilitating the safe, uncommented, un-judged space where I have found a way to articulate things I have never before been able to.  And thank you to my other group members for participating with me, witnessing and sharing your magic.  

I am changed forever and pray I never forget this and keep up this commitment to writing and sharing it somehow.


I notice how sitting in front of a piece of white paper and letting the words come is helping me to understand myself better, but mostly it's a way of getting in touch with my feelings.

I'm also using my entries in therapy, and it helps the therapist to understand me better.

Feeling grateful for this challenge.


I have been doing Tara's 30 days of Poetry for several consecutive months now. I can not more highly recommend it. The daily practice has changed my life. The commitment to checking in deeply with myself every single day. The daily elegant efficiency of distilling out the essence of what is most alive in me in the present moment. The journaling of my unfolding process. The practice of excavating my authentic truth in a nutshell, of learning to find my words, of processing my experiences and expressing my emotions fully, of finding my boundaries along with my creative flow. Of cultivating my mind into a playful companion. Of scribing the narrative so I can finally let it go. Complete freedom of expression into a safe confidential container able to hold it all. Cathartic and contained, deep healing, a kind of group therapy for the soul.
It's next level.
Potent Powerful Medicine.


My experience of Tara’s Poetry Initiation has been so rich. Thirty days quickly turned to sixty days and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to stop?!

Weaving words and truth in such a unique setting has enriched my days with clarity, satisfaction and meaning. What a unique experience — to be held accountable for showing up each day, to witness such a colourful range of poetic perspectives, and to share so openly with strangers. This practice has expanded the way I observe and perceive, as if I am learning a new language or relearning an ancient one.

What an honour and a pleasure to have been initiated into the world of poetry by a guide as graceful and gorgeous as Tara. Her energy specifically plays a big role in the way I find myself showing up in this space. She possesses a depth and wisdom that make this experience what it is. This container has left me feeling more myself than when I started, and I am deeply grateful.

Thank you, Tara, for creating an environment that feels so safe and supported, and is so alive with playfulness, tenderness, humour, inspiration, catharsis, creativity and feeling.


In person:
Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa

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