Field of Love

Oops, excuse me,
I seem to have tripped
over you and now,
oh, pardon me,
I hope you don’t mind,
but I’m falling in love.
It’s ridiculous.
I know we just met.
It’s you, but also not you.
You see,
Love has been waiting, patiently,
always here, just waiting
for me to fall into Her.
I often forget that She is here.
She’s smiling now,
as I talk about Her.
She sees how I still think I need
someone, like you,
to take me into Her.
I smile back,
leave thoughts of you behind,
whether you follow me or not,
I feel such deep comfort,
knowing She is always here.
I just have to remember,
to not hold on to anyone,
not even myself.
I just have to remember,
to keep on falling.