Zen Coaching

Zen Coaching supports you coming home to yourself, to your true nature, and explores how you can live your everyday life from this deeper place that is in connection with your true longings.

Zen Coaching is a heart-centered, present moment approach to coaching and life that is centered on presence. It focuses on empowering you to find your own solutions and discovering your YES to all of life.

It incorporates deep listening, inquiry questions, focusing, inner child work and is founded on the principles of Zen with key influences including mindfulness, non-violent communication, body awareness, the Diamond Approach teachings, and the principles of modern coaching, teaching and leadership.

Zen Coaching directs you from the thinking mind towards the heart and body and reconnects you with your inner wisdom. There is nothing to fix or heal. It creates a container for deep witnessing and expansion where the fullness and power of your Self is revealed because all your inner parts finally feel seen. To go deeper in our inner or spiritual journey often means to face discomfort. Guidance can help us do this with grace.

I offer packages of Zen Coaching sessions consisting of 5 or 10 sessions. One session lasts about 60 minutes.

"Your body is actually your entry into the mystery. It is the doorway to the adventure of Being."
A.H. Almaas

Tara Rose is a loving spiritual mountain where your inner child can play, rejoice and you can rediscover the true adventure of life.


What an amazing woman with patience and an amazing sense of peace around Tara, she is wise and kind and knows what she is doing, she has helped me find the right tools to look after myself and to remind myself the importance of life. Tara is definitely worth it and I'm sure you will be saying the same shortly after your visit with her!


Tara - thank you.  I am in tears again.  Tears springing from the truth and sorrow in your reflection and from the gratitude of being heard, witnessed and held.  Thank you for one of the most precious gifts I have ever received in my life.


Wow Tara - beautiful, brought me to tears, thank you for capturing so well the experience I have quite frequently...really helpful.


Wow Tara, thank you. Feeling so seen. Yes! Thank you, really. 


A heartfelt thank you Tara for the coaching session yesterday, that "okay, you're allowed to feel like that" had a profound impact. Throughout the day yesterday, whenever I felt the horrible discomfort of anxiety - the knots in my stomach - I heard you saying "Of course you feel that way…" Immediately that I thought it, my mind recalled the way you said it, the slight emphasis on 'course' and your voice intonation…a sense of calm descended on me.
This is a precious gift.


In person:
Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa

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