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Feeling tired or disconnected from your body?

Longing for peace, calm and ease in your life?

Looking to improve the connection to yourself and others?

Let me facilitate a journey that will bring you closer to your essence - that part of you where you are always in touch with the sacredness, passion, wisdom and purpose of life.

My Offerings

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Zen Coaching

Zen Coaching supports you coming home to your true nature and how to live life from this deeper place.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a 'body-based' modality that operates in the realms of the Collective Conscience.

massage, abdominal massage, tantra massage

Energy & Bodywork

Fascia & Trauma Release
Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage
Metamorphic Technique

tantra, kashmiri shaivism, tantric, massage, zen, buddhism, sacred sexuality


Tantra is the practice of falling in love with life. Tantra isn’t all about sex, but rather, is an embodied, holistic spiritual practice.


let yourself be immersed in words.
Drop deep below the surface.
Poetry is a language of our heart,
of our soul, of our essence.
Let it speak to you.
Let yourself listen.
Let it seduce you.
Come back home to yourself.

Client Love

It's hard to find words for this experience of the fascia & trauma release massage, but here is my best attempt: while it probably isn't for everyone (it is a very soft and slow approach), my body and being, my whole system totally fell into it, an arriving as it were, in a deep world of wonder, release and healing. I personally found it to be an incredible experience and totally love it. It 'works' with the deep, deep layers of fascia, and I was surprised by how much tension (and emotion) was held there and released through this wonder-ful technique. Tara's strong and gentle presence and her refreshing and absolute 'realness' with whatever IS, created a safe and loving container for the sessions.


Tara is an amazing healer. My first constellation was with Tara, and it was incredibly liberating, healing and powerful. Thank you for a wonderful experience.


Tara has a most inviting and nourishing feminine energy that made me feel at home the first time I met her - I was entirely new to the practice but was received and welcomed with great care. I attended a retreat that she and Ridwana hosted recently. The retreat was a space of light, love, healing, and dancing. A cocoon of feminine care and stillness that allowed me to see me. I am changed forever and think back to it when I need a moment of tenderness. Thank you for sharing so much with us and holding us as we healed. xoxo


Tara Rose is a loving spiritual mountain where your inner child can play, rejoice and you can rediscover the true adventure of life.


I have experienced family constellations before, but not with Tara - I am happy I found her! She held the space with a firm guiding wisdom, and was able to help facilitate healing for many of us. She takes her time and is highly sensitive to the work she is doing. I'll probably be back for more soon! Thank you Tara.


I see Tara as a "midwife" as I always receive a bodywork from her at the times when I am shedding old skin and coming into a new stage of my life. Tara helps me to birth that new part of me. I can always drop very deeply with her because she impeccably holds a very safe space. Tara has a gift of touching me deeply, reaching those spaces that I didn't know existed.


Tara's depth of understanding and breadth of experience makes her invaluable when I am in any need of processing or realigning in my life. Her intelligence and intuitive capacities make her a true healer, skilled in working with both the body and mind. I have no hesitation in recommending her highly. 


What an amazing woman with patience and an amazing sense of peace around Tara, she is wise and kind and knows what she is doing, she has helped me find the right tools to look after myself and to remind myself the importance of life. Tara is definitely worth it and I'm sure you will be saying the same shortly after your visit with her!


As Family Constellations facilitator during on online session, Tara's relaxed and natural manner puts everyone at ease. She is attuned, attentive and directs with adroit confidence. Although I was nervous to start with, I could quickly trust that I was in skilled hands and by the end I felt moved, energised, and cared for. Thank you Tara!


Tara has a gift and a capacity to touch not only the body but the Soul. In me through her touch, she activated the wounds that needed to be met and felt (ancestral, past life, archetypal) and assisted with healing them. Tara is holding a space of deep inner exploration of the mysteries held in the body, that only become available through touch. Her presence is deep, focused, loving, compassionate. Some of my greatest experiences on my healing journey happened during the bodywork with Tara.


Sessions with Tara are a numinous experience. She brings her depth and wealth of life experience and wisdom to the sessions in such a deeply held way which really allow my nervous system to reset and my body to surrender. I feel very loved and safe working with her and what I like about our sessions is that the journey of it feels very personal and intimate as opposed to a client/ therapist scenario. I really feel like she cares deeply. I got to feel some really deep stuff which was very painful but necessary. She is confident in how she holds space for me and knows how to take me deeper gently without traumatising me. It was this that allowed for my breakthrough. Thank you Tara.


In a space that relies on feeling and navigating energies, I was most grateful for and impressed by the feminine energy that Tara embodied as the facilitator of our family constellation. Tara's ability to intuitively shift and flow with the group dynamic, and her complete trust in Divine guidance allowed me to fully trust her. I am looking forward to being guided under Tara's facilitation again.


Tara Rose is a Family Constellation facilitator of the utmost insight and care. Bringing to this role a powerful spiritual practice and deeply refined intuition, Tara is able to navigate groups through the most difficult terrain. Having now worked with many facilitators, I can say without hesitation that Tara is of the highest echelon. And speaking personally, the constellation Tara facilitated for my family system led to a profound shift that has opened up a difficult relationship with a parent that had previously felt intractable. She brings this same combo of finesse and deep compassion to her work as a Zen Coach. I cannot recommend working with her enough.


I had a session with Tara the day after I heard that my pregnancy was a miscarriage. I really wanted my body to release this naturally, without medical intervention. 
It was my first session with Tara. And it was exactly what I needed - soft, gentle, feminine, supportive, beautiful. She guided me through the most incredible visualisation, giving me/my body the autonomy to do what it does. Reminding me that my body knows how to release, as it does with every exhale. She also guided me into a deep connection to the Earth, to Mother Gaia who holds both life and death with equal compassion. 
She proceeded to work on my body, massaging and opening up my heart and my womb. I felt so held, so seen. I could surrender everything. 
Something shifted in me during that session. I didn't feel like this was a failed pregnancy, but instead, I felt like I was part of nature. Nature gives, nature takes. Nothing is personal. It just is, and it is all in and with love. 
In the end, I still had to get medical intervention to facilitate the miscarriage, but it didn't even matter. I wasn't attached to how it happened anymore. More than being focused on what it was, I focused on how I felt about it. And what shifted in the session with Tara stayed with me. An acceptance, a surrender, a trust in something bigger. 
I'm so grateful that this was part of my process, part of my preparation for this loss that happens to 1 in 4 pregnant women. Mentally, spiritually and emotionally I was able to hold this miscarriage with ease, even joy. The work definitely works. 


Hi Tara. Something really opened in the last 20 hours. I had such a nice sleep with vivid and pleasant dreams. I feel more present to love. Maybe we cracked open a very protected heart Chakra!!! You created the safety so I couldI. t feels nice! Thank you.
It was so beautiful and personally so deeply moving. I am good with words but I am without them right now. I cannot communicate the awe I feel that you captured my journey, that you really saw and see me. I am not used to this. So I feel this...😢 Not from pain but just from being seen. And this also emerges....❤️. 
Thank you. This is an extraordinary moment and a healing moment for me.


Thank you for your gentle encouragement, for touching and holding my vulnerable heart with such care and for revealing the depth of your graceful beauty. I am deeply touched and wholehearted gratitude for our unfolding journey. Thank you for your gentleness, for meeting and holding my vulnerability so gently, gracefully - I honour you. You are an immensely beautiful loving gift unto the world🙏🏼


A heartfelt thank you Tara for the coaching session yesterday, that "okay, you're allowed to feel like that" had a profound impact. Throughout the day yesterday, whenever I felt the horrible discomfort of anxiety - the knots in my stomach - I heard you saying "Of course you feel that way…" Immediately that I thought it, my mind recalled the way you said it, the slight emphasis on 'course' and your voice intonation…a sense of calm descended on me.
This is a precious gift.


Tara has helped me better understand myself at the core of Tantric practice. Her warmth and compassionate care, have provided me with the strength to surrender and give myself fully every day. Her gentle presence nourished me with clarity and purpose about my life, and how to carry myself in all my relationships. She's a highly magnetic being, who is full of love, grace and patience that will strip away the false layers we all hide behind. She is a true teacher, and my gratitude for having learned through her continues to grow as I walk the path.


The retreat was a wonderful and expansive experience of sisterhood in a safe and loving environment. I explored the essence of my sexuality and discovered the capacity of pleasure to heal and transform what I held about who I am as a Divine Woman and sexual being. This gathering of powerful sisters is definitely an extraordinary and sacred experience, so much goodness is unfolding in my life as a result, i will definitely do it again.


I have been doing Tara's 30 days of Poetry for several consecutive months now. I can not more highly recommend it. The daily practice has changed my life. The commitment to checking in deeply with myself every single day. The daily elegant efficiency of distilling out the essence of what is most alive in me in the present moment. The journaling of my unfolding process. The practice of excavating my authentic truth in a nutshell, of learning to find my words, of processing my experiences and expressing my emotions fully, of finding my boundaries along with my creative flow. Of cultivating my mind into a playful companion. Of scribing the narrative so I can finally let it go. Complete freedom of expression into a safe confidential container able to hold it all. Cathartic and contained, deep healing, a kind of group therapy for the soul.
It's next level.
Potent Powerful Medicine.


Tara held the Reveal Your Self workshop with humour, grace, and sensitivity. The partnering was carefully curated taking into account prior relational histories to ensure that all participants felt safe and at ease in exploring deeply. The exercises were selected to explore and reveal how parental and early childhood dynamics of intimate relating pattern our own perceptions and responses. They enabled me to see facets of my personal dynamics in a new light that felt healing and liberating. I was surprised at how strongly embodied some of the experiences felt as I stepped into the ancestral fields of other participants. The insights revealed were sometimes confirmation of prior intuitions, but just as often surprising and counter-intuitive. The experiences evoked tears of release and a deep softening that is allowing me to move forward with deeper compassion and clarity.


In person:
Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa

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