Bodies Under Siege

Woman making love
to the ocean and the trees,
the river and the breeze.
Woman making love to the sky
and the earth
To all that is birthed

Woman making love to the universe
Woman moaning, shouting
into the ether,
to hear the hills and valleys
echo back in whispers to her.
Woman feeling blood streams
winding down her skin.
Woman feeling her Mountain breasts,
Her deep dark wet Caves hiding treasures
ready to bring forth new worlds
And, oh, how we are in need
of this new.

Please, goddess,
deliver me from this
world’s depravity.
Its stench of poverty.
Violence that is perpetrated
against women, girl,
man, boy,
her, him, they
Against this earth.

Let me move past the tyranny
of the ego fighting for its life,
the separateness,
the mightiness of I.
Let me find the we.
The we that includes
everyone and everything.

Ahhh, how I long to lie
on the forest floor as a lover.
The one that I laugh with.
To lie in the shelter of its branches.
To drink in the oxygen
it feeds me from its leaves.
The taste lingering on my lips.

To EVEN Move beyond this symbiosis.
To feel the tree limbs as my own.
To know I am a part of tree.
Yes, to know that I AM tree,
I am forest, river, child, dog,
Mud, Whale, spider,
Rock, sky, Earth
Yes, I am this holy earth.
I am this sacred existence.
This Existence marvelling
in profound wonderment at itself.