Family Constellations

We hold a space where Love is Made Visible and provide participants a unique opportunity to See What Is.

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Family Constellations is a body-based modality that operates in the realms of the Collective Conscience, often referred to as the Knowing Field. Within this Field, we seek to uncover any unconscious scripts, patterns or collective laws that are running across generations and family relationship systems.

We hold a space where Love is Made Visible and provide participants a unique opportunity to See What Is. We can then start to move away from the victim/rescuer paradigm by letting go of old patterns; accepting the past; and move towards creating fulfilling lives.

Constellations can help with:

~ Healing conflicts in your relationships (with yourself, partner, family or friends).
~ Feelings of not belonging or not being yourself.
~ Career and financial issues
~ Health conditions

It is not our role to 'heal' anyone - that is between the individual and their soul - it's the Knowing Field that provides the healing context. The Field will support our pure intentions and work in the highest interests of everyone concerned. Whether participating as a client, representative or witness, one person's process can provide valuable impact on our own processes.

Constellations can be done online or in person, individually or in groups, where group members are representatives or witnesses.

"As we move beyond duality - the ultimate sacredness of everything starts to become tangible."

Richard Higgins

Excerpt from

"Systemic Family Therapy was first developed by the German therapist, Bert Hellinger. In this therapeutic approach, we consider the individual as part of a greater whole - a family system - rather than as a separate entity. His individual behaviour, feelings and attitudes, have to be understood in the context of this larger group. As in any other system, unspoken laws operating within the family guide behaviour that we, as family members, are largely unaware of. Suffering usually arises in a family member when one or more members of the system unconsciously violate these archaic laws. They do this unknowingly, not out of rebelliousness as one might expect, but out of love - a 'blind' love.

The way we bring these hidden, family dynamics to light is to have the client use the help of other group participants to create a constellation of his or her family. The participants, representing members of that person's family, are positioned in the room in relation to each other according to the client's feeling in that moment. In this way, we create a living model of their original (or present) family. What we have found is that the feelings and thoughts of the people representing family members are very similar to those of the actual family members. There obviously exists an energy field that guides the representatives' movements and allows them to have access to all essential information of the systemic field."

Tara is an amazing healer. My first constellation was with Tara, and it was incredibly liberating, healing and powerful. Thank you for a wonderful experience.


I have experienced family constellations before, but not with Tara - I am happy I found her! She held the space with a firm guiding wisdom, and was able to help facilitate healing for many of us. She takes her time and is highly sensitive to the work she is doing. I'll probably be back for more soon! Thank you Tara.


As Family Constellations facilitator during on online session, Tara's relaxed and natural manner puts everyone at ease. She is attuned, attentive and directs with adroit confidence. Although I was nervous to start with, I could quickly trust that I was in skilled hands and by the end I felt moved, energised, and cared for. Thank you Tara!


In a space that relies on feeling and navigating energies, I was most grateful for and impressed by the feminine energy that Tara embodied as the facilitator of our family constellation. Tara's ability to intuitively shift and flow with the group dynamic, and her complete trust in Divine guidance allowed me to fully trust her. I am looking forward to being guided under Tara's facilitation again.


Tara Rose is a Family Constellation facilitator of the utmost insight and care. Bringing to this role a powerful spiritual practice and deeply refined intuition, Tara is able to navigate groups through the most difficult terrain. Having now worked with many facilitators, I can say without hesitation that Tara is of the highest echelon. And speaking personally, the constellation Tara facilitated for my family system led to a profound shift that has opened up a difficult relationship with a parent that had previously felt intractable. She brings this same combo of finesse and deep compassion to her work as a Zen Coach. I cannot recommend working with her enough.


Family constellations was introduced to me experientially in the most unexpected and utterly delightful way! I had always wanted to try it, but until I experienced it through the ingenious facilitation by Tara Rose, I had not appreciated how deep, wide and expansive this process actually is. I learnt in a short process that you can use this powerful modality to connect to literally anything, everything and anyone.

Tara has the gift of word and the ability to not only guide so succinctly, but to bring so much humour, laughter, lightness and poetry to this active and potentially life changing modality. I will definitely be doing it again.

Thank you Tara for such an amazing introduction!!

Mandy-Lee Myerson

In person:
Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa

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