All the Times

For all the times I have
sold my sex in the pursuit
of feeding my ego mind.
For all the times I have used it as
a balm for the unloveable wound.

I now offer my sex to the Divine.
I allow the Gods and Goddesses
to ravish me.
To take my wet, juicy,
pulsing sacrifice.
For I am I child of sex.
I am a hollow reed for
holy eros to flow through.
The primordial river of sex has
existed long before me
and will continue long after.
I surrender into this passionate
current to let it take me wherever it goes.
My mouth, my lips,
my tongue, my neck,
my breasts,
my hips, my tummy,
my womb, my yoni,
my moans, my screams, my laughter,
my pleasure, my bliss
are all my humble offerings
on the altar of love.