Wind Swept

Today I was ravaged.
The wind took any semblance
I had of poetry,
and flung it into disarray.
Words were whipped from my lips,
scattered across a near-gale-gusts
buffeted landscape.
Ideas from my mind stolen by
torrents of air, thrown into chaos
before they could fully form.
Telephone wires hummed,
as God’s fingers plucked
at them like guitar strings.
Trees and bushes shook and tossed
themselves around, the closest they
will come to being fully mobile.
With nothing to hold on to
my cleared-out mind clung
to the present moment,
like lichen on the rocks.
We surrendered to the
maddening chi-blasting gale.
Laughing with delight and pure
elation, hearts beating fiercely
from exercise and adrenaline,
every cell rejoicing
with gratitude for life.