Body Speaks to Mind

I want to dance more.
Feel the movement of our spine, our hips.
I want to walk more
swim more,
sing more, breathe deeper.

Feed me better.
Give me more water.
Both in me and around me.
Remember, I am your temple.
Feel me.
All of me.
Touch me more, get others to touch me more.
Touch, taste, hear, smell, see,
all of these are because of me.
Feel the world through me.
The breeze on our skin
The air in our lungs.
Feel my aliveness.
The energy in us.
The energy around us.
I can give you so much bliss.
Listen to me.
Feel me more.
Bring what you see into me.
That tree, that flower,
that hawk flying in the sky,
how do they make you feel?
Bring what you hear into me.
That babbling brook, that bird song,
that insect hum,
how do they make you feel?
Mind, you have your stories:
Past. Future.
I am here for you as a gateway
into the present moment.
I am always singing to
you through sensations.
Please take the time to listen,
to feel in every moment.
Keep feeling.
Keep feeling.
Stay with me,
especially during
discomfort, I can take
you to the vastness of your being.
Stay with me.
Don't leave me.
Don't abandon me.
Keep feeling.
Keep feeling.
You go off into your stories
to get away from feeling.
I'm waiting.
Waiting for you to come back.
I've always been here.
Keep feeling.
Keep feeling.
Stay with me.
Keep feeling.