What the Bees Say 

Sitting inside on a cool spring day
Listening to non-duality teachings
on Beingness and Beyond
of no Separation

Through a large window pane
I notice bees collecting nectar
from a profusion of purple flowers
on a rosemary bush

They tell me to
Come outside
Listen to their hum
Smell the sea air
Feel the soft breeze

They tell me to
Hear the distant
roar of ocean waves
Look up at the slow
moving clouds wafting
across the bright blue sky
Feel the sun on my face

They tell me to
Hear the birds singing
particularly the small
red breasted sun bird
that has decided to
enthusiastically serenade
me as it flits along the
tree branches

They tell me to
Take it all in

And so
I take it all in

I am the bees
I am the flowers
I am the air
I am the waves
I am the clouds
I am the sky
I am the sun
I am the birds
I am the trees

there is no

I am everything
And I am nothing


For an
endless moment

I dissolve