Awakening Our Sexuality

A 3-Day Women's Retreat with Ridwana & Tara

Do you want to Reconnect to the Rhythm of Your Feminine Essence?

Are you ready to dive deep into a journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening, which, in its essence is a journey into Self-Love?

Come play with us, at this extraordinary time, on this extraordinary opportunity to journey together, as women, with women. Over three days and three nights, we will create a container of sacred wisdom, dialogue and sharing - an opportunity to birth Who We Truly Are.

A highly experiential and immersive retreat for women yearning to ignite the vibrancy deeply connected to the intelligence of our bodies, our breath, our hearts, and the intelligence of nature.

Awakening our sexuality and meeting our potential through Pleasure is the way of the sacred feminine. Pleasure that we open ourselves to receiving.

Pleasure that is medicine.
Pleasure that is our own responsibility.
Pleasure that is our birthright.

By connecting to our sexuality and pleasure - our life force energy - we harness the potential to birth new ideas, new ways of being, new relationships, new paradigms, and new possibilities.

We drop into deep connection, power, and vulnerability with ourselves and each other. We will work spontaneously and organically, sensing into what is arising for the group in the moment. We may loosely include some of these practices:

Cacao Ceremony: Appealling to IxCacao, the Mayan Goddess of Chocolate, we ask her to open our hearts and feel the bliss of our bodies.

Full Body Energy Orgasm: Working in pairs, we learn how to harness our life force energy and expand it throughout our bodies.

Self Pleasure Rituals: Experiencing the Body as a Pleasure Portal, we honour our bodies and our yonis.

Tantric Sacred Dance: Using movement to drop into the immediacy of our bodies as a full expression of all of who we are.

Family Constellations: Working with the Knowing Field, we witness with loving awareness, the wounding of our family or intergenerational trauma.


The retreat is held near Dullstroom, with majestic mountain-top views. We will sleep, dance, make fire, drink cocoa, journey, play & explore together, surrounded by the expanse of nature to reflect the unlimited expanse of our selves. At night we will sleep under the clear stars, mesmerized by the journey of La Luna across our African sky, at her fullest.


Tonglen Mountain Retreat, Dullstroom


R4,999 per person twin accommodation en suite bathroom
R4,444 per person twin accommodation shared bathroom
Includes facilitation, shared accommodation, and delicious vegetarian food.

Please contact Tara should you wish to arrange a payment plan.


For all inquiries & bookings contact Tara Rose on 076 535 5949 or
A 50% deposit secures your place.
Space is currently limited to 16 participants.


“The retreat was a wonderful and expansive experience of sisterhood in a safe and loving environment. I explored the essence of my sexuality and discovered the capacity of pleasure to heal and transform what I held about who I am as a Divine Woman and sexual being. This gathering of powerful sisters is definitely an extraordinary and sacred experience, so much goodness is unfolding in my life as a result, I will definitely do it again.”
~ MS

“The retreat has literally changed my life. It deeply changed my perception of myself and the world. My perception of self love, self adoration, and self respect. The food and accommodation was purely magical, which allowed for me to JUST BE! I felt loved and supported, and realized I AM NOT ALONE. I met women from such different backgrounds, yet we all were going through and having to heal such similar hurts. I learnt so much about loving my body and NOT feeling ashamed or guilty for the pleasure that is always been regarded as wrong or evil or bad. Ridwana and Tara held me and the space so graciously and with such respect. It was the best decision of my life to follow my intuition and say yes to this retreat, and treat my body and mind to an awakening on another level.” ~ Zai


PleasureWarrior ~ Mother ~ Lover ~ Dancer ~ Tantrika ~ Menopausal Pleasure Seeker ~ Sacred Sexuality Activator ~ Relationship & Divorce Coach

I have always had a deep desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Only conscious beings living from freedom and truth can create a world of love. My passion is to support women, especially African, Coloured and Indian women to own that pleasure is our birthright and that since we are sexual beings. Growing up in an Indian, Muslim family and community, sex and sexuality of women are shrouded in guilt and shame, and this shame and guilt prevent us from being free and experiencing pleasure. Not just pleasure in our sexual engagements, but pleasure in our everyday lives. This Tantrik journey that is my Life makes my everyday experiences joyful, expansive, and very very challenging. And incidentally (or maybe not), Ridwana (Arabic) means PLEASURE.


Menstrual Activist ~Dancer ~ Womb Whisperer ~ Poet ~ Mother ~ Shamanic Energy & Bodyworker ~ Zen Coach ~ Family Constellator ~ Tantrika

During the last five years, I have immersed myself as a student and teacher of Sacred Sexuality. I guide and inspire people on explorations to meet aspects of themselves that are revealed through the penetrating lenses of vulnerability and intimacy. I am passionate about people, particularly women, awakening to the divine within themselves that can be carefully cultivated through our sexual energy, that is our life force energy. It is with this energy that we women will shift the current patriarchal paradigm that keeps us stuck from living our fullest potential.

In person:
Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa

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