About Me

This is my invitation to YOU.


To follow the sound of my voice, the rhythm of my words, the beat of my heart, the energy of my nervous system.


Where are we going? you might ask.


There is no outward destination, no goal, no agenda, no trying to fix, no trying to heal. We are simply returning to that place inside you, inside each one of us, deep inside, beyond the beyond, a place of stillness, of aliveness, of rest, of passion, of love, of deep wisdom.


This is the field. I will meet you here.

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Love Unbound

By Tara Rose | 18 Aug 2022

Love that was once fixated on an object has become untethered. The anchor weighing you down, keeping you static, is removed. Love flows as freely as your tears, as deep…

Finding God

By Tara Rose | 11 Aug 2022

Finding God I found God last night. She was resting in the indent just above your clavicle. He was dancing along the slow curve of the ridge of your ear.…

How is it?

By Tara Rose | 9 Aug 2022

How is it that after all this time, my heart hasn’t rebuilt. It took two years, two months and five days to build the Eiffel Tower. It took nine years…


By Tara Rose | 7 Aug 2022

Catch the projections Leave them at the door Tabla Rasa So we can bear witness to the brush strokes as they emerge in each moment watching with delight the innocent…

Move Slowly

By Tara Rose | 1 Aug 2022

Move slowly on me. Instead of a 45 minute walk, take two hours. Stop. Frequently. Look at this shrub. That flower. See how this vine with purple flowers winds around…

Poetry & Me

By Tara Rose | 29 Jul 2022

Poetry and Me I flirted with Poetry for many years, with spurts of writing occurring over the decades. Poetry became a lover a few years ago. We had many passionate…

Sky Kisses Earth

By Tara Rose | 26 Jul 2022

The constant lovemaking between Sky and Earth occurs everywhere. On mountain peaks, Earth eagerly thrusts itself up into Sky. In low valleys, Sky drops down to nestle into Earth. Wherever…

Origami for the Soul

By Tara Rose | 15 Jul 2022

I folded myself over and over again. Fold, crease, unfold, flip, rotate. Twist, bend, arrange, shape, into countless permutations. A swan, a flower, a rabbit, a crane, a jumping frog.…

Dance Trance

By Tara Rose | 13 Jul 2022

Our bodies in orbit until the gravitational pull is too much to overcome. We come undone. Hands, arms, bodies, spirits collide. Waves we ride. Impact subsides. Inhibition hides. Psyche writhes.…

Asking the Dark

By Tara Rose | 29 Jun 2022

“How long does heartache last,” she asked the dark new Moon, with wide eyes staring incredulously at her broken-open heart. They quietly sat together in the pin-pricked dark, her and…

I have many incarnations: Zen CoachFamily Constellations FacilitatorPoet, Menstrual & Sacred Sexuality Activist, Dancer, Womb Whisperer, Shamanic Energy & Bodyworker, Tantric Practitioner.

I use each of these aspects of myself as an arrow in my quiver. And with deep presence, curiosity, respect and fun, we pierce through the veils to see what is needed in each moment of our process together. Together we create sacred spaces where we can become curious explorers of your inner and outer worlds - for you to awaken to who YOU Truly Are.

I deeply trust in the body's ability to regulate and integrate what our minds cannot. I am a bodywork practitioner in Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Detox Massage), Fascia & Trauma Release MassageTantric Dearmouring & Touch Work and Shamanic Energy Healing.  Even when I am not working directly with the body, it is the most important tool in our process together.


Tara water

I am inviting you to surrender to the truth, to the wisdom of your own body. My role is to create a safe container where you yourself can shed what blocks you from claiming the most authentic parts of yourself.


I have been a "seeker" for most of my adult life. Only to stumble across the fact that I am - I always was - what I was looking for. I have been on the path of meditation since 1996. I am deeply inspired by Vipassana Meditation and the non-dual teachings of Issac Shapiro, Almaas and Jeff Foster.

I am a student of Life - I love learning. Currently I am immersed in body-oriented approaches to the healing of trauma and I follow the work of Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk and Dr Gabor Mate, as well as relationships viewed through Attachment Theory. I am deeply grateful to my many teachers: Kåre Langfald, Richard Higgins, Zendrik van der Merwe, Andrew Barnes, Akira, Valentina Leo, Kali Widd.

My in-person practice for individuals and couples is in Cape Town. I offer online sessions in Tantra, Zen Coaching and Family Constellations. I also facilitate Family Constellations Workshops and Sacred Sexuality/Tantra retreats in South Africa.

For general enquiries or to schedule an appointment please contact me via WhatsApp.No phone calls please, messages only. For more detailed enquiries please email me. I offer a free 20 minute discovery call.

I look forward to our journey together.

In person:
Scarborough & Rondebosch,
Cape Town, South Africa